Parking is integral to many projects and developments - retail space, schools, hospitals, municipal lots - but few architects and designers retain any in-house expertise in this area. When it comes to specifying parking control systems and parking equipment, there have only been 2 options: One is to hire one of the industry's large consulting firms. If you are working on a multi-million dollar development, this is a good option. However, for most projects, the project scale cannot justify the hefty fees these firms will charge. Most will fall back on the second option: use up valuable time and attempt to write the spec themselves using boiler plate text. This over reliance on recycled and boilerplate text usually results in a less than adequate spec that is unsuited to the project at hand. An inadequate or incomplete spec can lead to delays, confusion, needlessly increase the cost of bids, and worst of all, leave end users with a system that is wrong for their needs.


Quint.Tech will write the specification for you. We will consult with all principals - architects, developers, property owners, end users - to establish the projects goals and requirements and write a specification that best fits this criteria. We will review all drawings and site plans to ensure continuity. Don't have a drawing? We have dozens of configurations you can use as a template in many file formats. We will answer any questions from contractors and bidders to make sure there is no confusion and that you get the right bids and at your request, review any bids to determine their suitability. We will stay with you through every step of the process.


Too often, architects and designers rely on vendor or manufacturer supplied specs. While sometimes useful, these specs are inherently biased to what that particular vendor is selling. We are completely independent and are not affiliated with any manufacturer, vendor or distributor of parking equipment. Our specs will reflect the needs of customers and users, not the needs of manufacturers to sell this or that type of system.


Our team has more than 4 decades of combined experience in the parking industry. From public to private, traffic control, access control, revenue control, counting systems, etc., we have worked in all facets of the industry. Most important, our experience is "hands on". We have installed, serviced and maintained parking equipment giving us insights that only direct experience can provide.


Although we do almost everything they do, our rates are considerably less than the industry's big consulting firms. We won't bill you until a finished spec is delivered. Most of our work can be done via phone, Skype and email. However, site visits can be arranged if needed.

We do Request for Quotes and Request for Proposals too! Is your municipality or organization in need of a system and not sure what to ask for? We will use the same in-depth analysis to provide you with recommendations and write your RFQ/RFPs.

Email us anytime at: and let us know about your project.